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Don't take our word for it, read what Fast Co.Design said.

  • "My first thought was how simple the app was. It had exactly what I needed without a lot of unnecessary features."

    -Mark Rondina beta tester
  • "The clean design and simplicity of Bit Timer make it the perfect app for coaches, trainers, and exercise enthusiasts to use for incorporating interval training into their workouts."

    -Abbi Meadows beta tester
  • "I can use it to time my reps, and I'm seeing it as a whole "no bullshit" approach which is something I really like."

    -Matthew Mascioni beta tester
  • "This app is awesome! It's incredibly intuitive. I didn't even have to explore to understand how it worked. It's almost as if it worked for me."

    -Scott Schermer beta tester
  • "Love that I can see the numbers from across the room!"

    -Sarah Weeda beta tester